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My professional relationship with the camera began many years ago as a fitness model. I loved the art of photography and establishing relationships with photographers, but did not consider switching sides until 18 years ago, when our first daughter was born. Having a child ingrained in me the preciousness of life, and the importance of documenting the love, connection, fragility, strength, and humor not only of our children, but of family.


We've spent as much time as possible showing our girls the world around them–both near and far–and teaching them that life is made up of experiences, new situations, and genuine interactions. I try to bring that enthusiasm for life experience to every job.


My style is not the typical sit/smile/say "cheese"type of photography; I’m much less about khakis, white shirts and somber poses than authenticity, realness–even when it's chaotic!–and relationships.  During our session I become part of your world, authentically capturing the emotion, experience, and art of you.

Our time together usually starts at your house, and then we'll continue on to another location that is special to your family (ice cream, anyone?)...We can be as creative, as relaxed, as FUN as you'd like. 

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